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How strong do I need to be to begin training aerial silks?

You don’t need a great amount of upper body strength to begin training aerial silks. Keep in mind the stronger you are, the easier it will be for you to progress.

We assume new students have never tried anything like this previously, and begin slowly to get you familiar with the apparatus. Your strength will build as you go. So start in an Introduction Class and you will grow strong enough to progress. 

What should I wear and bring to my first class?

1.You want wear tight fitting  pants that will cover at least behind your knee and a full shirt that will cover your underarms and midriff. 

2.  Don’t wear any jewelry that could possibly catch on or tear the fabric. No big earrings or rings etc. 

3. Aerials are done without shoes. So any footwear that you want because you will be taking them off. 

4. Bring water, and make sure to drink it during class! Stay hydrated. 

I really want to try, but I think I won't do well at aerial.

You may come to your first class and feel like you have done everything wrong, that does not mean you are terrible!

If you’re feeling discouraged you should remember learning aerials is not easy and everything may feel hard. But if doing aerial  was easy, it wouldn’t be so amazing.

Aerial class is not a contest. Everyone has different strengths and levels. Learn at your own pace and please don't compare yourself to someone next to you. We always embrace anyones achievements, but that is not a reflection on you. 

The most important thing to get out of an aerial class is the fact that you are there and trying! Set small goals for yourself. Have fun. Get strong. Learn new skills.

Are there weight restrictions for participation?

There are no weight restrictions. The equipment and apparatuses are able to safely  hold much more than a human body. Weight will never be an issue in participation. 

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