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Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy has been practicing aerial silks for the past seven years. She is grateful for this opportunity to be your instructor, and is humbled by you giving her this opportunity. She is eternally grateful to all her teachers along the way for embracing her and allowing her to grow in her craft. Aerial instruction has become her passion. She wants to teach amazing people amazing things.  Mindy has competed in national aerial competitions, trained with incredible instructors throughout the United States and loves her practice. She has lived in Montezuma, Costa Rica for a period of time in her life. While she lived there, she  completed her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. She also completed her Kidding Around Yoga certification. The time she lived in Costa Rica, as she was a nomad through the beautiful country, she trained with amazing aerialists who taught her to think outside the conventional teaching box. She is always learning, she is a forever student. She will never stop learning and improving. She loves being a student and is always open to new ideas and skills. 




Eleanor’s circus beginnings evolved from her passion for teaching, and ability to express herself through theatrics and movement. After graduating from Marquette University, Eleanor began her work as an educator. While enjoying the traditional teaching roles, she sought out a hobby as unique as she is, and found herself immersed in the world of circus. Her practice is based in both knowledge of dance and movement, as well as her humor and approachable nature, fostering a warm environment for students to explore, learn, and play in the air. Working as both an aerial instructor and aerial performer she brings insight into the art of act creation, while exploring each students unique abilities to utilize as assists in their aerial practice. While her first love is Lyra, Eleanor has continued to study the circus arts with aerial Hammock/Sling, Contortion, and Trapeze. She welcomes students to come and learn something new, to celebrate their abilities, and to share a laugh or two.

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